Urban V…

…judges Francis’ idea on selling off churches to feed the poor

  • Papal condemnation of Dionisio Foullechat: errors regarding the state of perfection and poverty

[Art. 4, concl. 3:] This blessed, indeed most blessed and sweetest law, namely, the law of love, takes away all propriety and power

  • I retract on this as false, erroneous, heretical, since Christ and the Apostles observed that ley most perfectly, and also many others of different conditions observed that law, and these had property and dominions […]
  • This corollary, if it includes this law of love till the exclusion of all property and right of possession, as the conclusion affirms, I consider false, erroneous and heretical, and contrary to the will of the Church. (Denzinger-Hünermann, 1087. Constitution Ex supernae clementiae, December 23, 1368English parts)

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